Do you have moss living on your roof?

Now is the time to get it removed, once and for all. Moss causes structural damage to your roof and needs to be removed fast.

Moss holds onto moisture and thrives when it is left to stagnate in a cold, damp environment. It can grow in between roof tiles or slates and eventually force the tiles to separate from each other causing gaps to appear for rainwater to enter your loft and start rotting away at the timber joists and rafters.

At Professional Roofing & Home Improvements, we have the expert machinery and tools along with know how and expertise to remove the moss gently but efficiently and treat your roof, so the moss does not come back again. Once the moss is removed, our team will give your roof a thorough clean and ensure that anything that is damaged or missing will be repaired before we leave your premises.

Do not try and remove the moss yourselves. It is a specialist job and if you try yourselves, you may cause more damage than you started with before.

Once our team have finished removing the moss and cleaning your roof, your roof will be transformed and looking like new again.

If you have a roof without moss but simply desire it to be thoroughly cleaned then contact our team, our specialist jetwashing service is available for residential and commercial customers at competitive prices.

So, donĀ“t delay, get your moss removed by the team at Professional Roofing & Home Improvements, call us on any of the numbers closest to you at the top of the page, we are here to help!

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